Ulysseus partners act together for digital learning

The D2S@Ulysseus project is carried out by the 6 universities part of Ulysseus European University Alliance, which relies on a strong and innovative strategy including improved attention to the development of training resources on transversal skills aiming at strengthening employability, creativity and new professional paths. The composition of the consortium ensures a transnational teamwork and the exchange of knowledge, scientific and technical expertise, as well as experience directly linked to the project’s scope and objectives.

Following its commitment to create a European University with its own high-quality, student-centred, inclusive education, Ulysseus alliance wants through D2S@Ulysseus to take a huge step forward this goal creating tools and courses to enhance teachers and students Digital Soft Skills.

All Ulysseus members are already fully engaged in digital transformation in their institution and specially in digital transformation for teaching and learning. However, the Ulysseus Alliance aims to go beyond individual projects, go beyond individual courses catalogues and start building its own digital, joint and competence-based catalogue of courses and training.

Another innovative aspect of D2S@Ulysseus project lies in the essential role of external stakeholders. Since Ulysseus Alliance is very well integrated in each partners ecosystem and in large international networks, with 95 identified associated partners, the D2S@Uysseus aims at involving as many as possible Ulysseus local, regional, national, European and International partners in the different project activities.